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To assist you in better understanding our product, here are some of the most frequently asked questions in the leasing/financing business.



How will leasing affect my company's cash flow?

In a word, positively. That's because leasing usually offers lower monthly payments than other financing sources. Those lower payments can help you bring revenues and expenses into closer alignment. And because payments are fixed, you can forecast future expenses more accurately and improve your budgeting process.

Is a down payment required?

Leasing is generally considered 100% financing, with as little as one advance payment required.

Can I finance the remaining balance if I have placed a down payment on the equipment?

Yes, if you choose to make a down payment you can subtract that amount from the total owed on the equipment.

How are lease payments structured?

There's considerable flexibility in payment arrangements. While most leases provide for regular monthly payments, those payments may be made in advance, in arrears, or at irregular intervals. Terms range from 12 to 66 months and can be customized to suit your company's needs.

Is there a maximum or a minimum lease amount?

The minimum deal that Questor Financial Corp can fund is $1,500. There is no maximum amount.

What are my options if the Equipment supplier requires a deposit?

You can pay the deposit and lease the balance, or Lease the entire cost of the equipment including the deposit. You will be able to request a deposit reimbursement on your application. This means that we pay the equipment supplier in full, the equipment supplier will return your deposit.

Is insurance required for the equipment that I am leasing?

Generally, insurance is needed on every lease. Most business insurance also covers equipment leases. If you do not have business insurance, our funders will provide you with the option following the closing of your transaction.

Can I include services such as consulting and training in my lease?

Yes, subject to credit approval.

Can I still lease equipment if I have already purchased it?

Yes. This is known as a sale-leaseback. Typically, you can do this for equipment that has been purchased in the last 6 months.

Can I get a lease if my company is a "start-up?"

Yes, we are is willing to finance companies that have been in business for less than two years. However, you should expect to pay a slightly higher rate because your company is a higher risk investment than a more established company. Additionally, you will likely be required to provide a personal guarantee.

Can I get a lease if I have had a bankruptcy?

We are willing to consider companies that have had a bankruptcy but have been released. Because you will be viewed as a higher risk, you should expect to pay a higher rate and require additional guarantees

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