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Our Process

With a Q Link quote, simply click the desired payment and all the data is transferred into the online credit application to complete and submit instantly into our credit queue. If the vendor equipment quotation was not already attached, please upload it with your credit application or email it into us.

If credit is for a repeat customer simply forward a vendor quote and advise us if any information has changed. We’ll take care of the credit application for the client.

Should we require more information to complete the credit approval, we will contact the customer directly to obtain supporting data.

An email will be issued copying the customer and the vendor advising of the credit decision, typically within 4 hours.

Your Questor representative will contact the client to verify details and to answer any questions they may have before issuing lease documents via email.

After the customer signs the required documentation, instructions to invoice are emailed, again to all parties, and the vendor delivers and/or installs the equipment.

Upon receipt of the vendor's invoice, Questor verifies delivery and submits the lease for funding. Vendor funds are typically transferred by electronic payment and are usually processed within 24 hours of confirmation of delivery.

After booking, the customer receives a welcome letter detailing the lease number and specifics for their records.

Questor keeps an eye on all leases in our portfolio, and will touch base with customers regularly to ensure their end of term options are exercised and updated contact information is always handy.

End of Term

A Stretch Lease gives an early purchase option usually within 3 to 6 months prior to the termination of the lease. The option amount is guaranteed, usually at 10% of the original equipment value. If you do not wish to exercise your early option, the lease continues into the stretch period at which time you will decide whether to purchase the equipment for FMV or return it. Questor's customer service team does email our customers reminders of their pending end of lease options free of charge as a convenient service.

If your lease contains an FMV purchase option, you can purchase the equipment at the end of the term or you may return it. The purchase price is the current fair market value which is determined by the lender.

A $10.00 end purchase option gives you the opportunity to purchase the equipment for $10.00 plus applicable taxes at the end of the lease term.


In a word, positively. That's because leasing usually offers lower monthly payments than other financing sources. Those lower payments can help you bring revenues and expenses into closer alignment. And because payments are fixed, you can forecast future expenses more accurately and improve your budgeting process.

Leasing is generally considered 100% financing, with as little as one advance payment required.

Yes, if you choose to make a down payment you can subtract that amount from the total owed on the equipment.

There's considerable flexibility in payment arrangements. While most leases provide for regular monthly payments, those payments may be made in advance, in arrears, or at irregular intervals. Terms range from 12 to 66 months and can be customized to suit your company's needs.

The minimum deal that Questor Financial Corp can fund is $1,500. There is no maximum amount.

You can pay the deposit and lease the balance, or Lease the entire cost of the equipment including the deposit. You will be able to request a deposit reimbursement on your application. This means that we pay the equipment supplier in full, the equipment supplier will return your deposit.

Generally, insurance is needed on every lease. Most business insurance also covers equipment leases. If you do not have business insurance, our funders will provide you with the option following the closing of your transaction.

Yes. This is known as a sale-leaseback. Typically, you can do this for equipment that has been purchased in the last 6 months.

Yes, we are willing to finance companies that have been in business for less than two years. However, you should expect to pay a slightly higher rate because your company is a higher risk investment than a more established company. Additionally, you will likely be required to provide a personal guarantee.

We are willing to consider companies that have had a bankruptcy but have been released. Because you will be viewed as a higher risk, you should expect to pay a higher rate and require additional guarantees

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