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100% finance solutions

We provide 100% finance solutions including equipment leasing, sale leaseback, lease lines of credit, working capital, and non-notification factoring solutions.

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What We Lease

What type of equipment can be leased? In a word - everything. Almost any equipment a business needs to grow is a leasable asset.

This includes software often requires upgrades every few years making it a perfect candidate for two or three year leases.

Office Furniture
Medical Equipment
Office Equipment
Restaurant Equipment
Lift Trucks
Construction Equipment
Medical Equipment
Exercise Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Transportation Equipment
Automotive Equipment
Construction Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment

Lease Lines of Credit

Questor Financial Lease Lines of Credit (LLOC) are an excellent tool to help plan and be prepared for equipment needs that arise.

We can arrange a lease line of credit for annual capital expenditures and facilitate most requirements quickly and electronically, letting you get back to business. Vendors may wish to have a LLOC arranged for their clients to facilitate future PO’s and keep timely equipment deliveries. Simply let us know what rough expectations are and we can put in place LLOC’s subject to final equipment details.

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Working Capital

Some days, business managers feel they spend more time juggling short term working capital than they do focusing on the other needs of their business.

Questor has solutions:

Our Working Capital Program is quick, easy and straightforward with no fine print. This is a perfect product to use however you wish, to manage your business. Funds from $6K to $150K are available. There are no additional fees and borrowing costs are transparent. Payback terms are short, usually 6-18 months. Cash in your bank in 2 - 3 days. Financial statements typically are not required

  • Seasonal businesses that need short term capital.
  • Manage temporary downturn in revenue.
  • Pay for demo equipment, and be free to sell it if opportunity rises.
  • Fund deposit requirements on an equipment lease.
  • Have aging equipment in need of repair.
  • Pay down high rate credit cards and preserve all important credit ratings.
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Sale Leaseback

Equipment purchased in the past 6 months may be placed on lease to free up your capital again forother projects.

Equipment purchased in the past 6 months may be placed on lease to free up your capital again for other projects.

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Non Notification Factoring

The Questor Non-notification factoring program is an innovative tool to help manage cash flow.

Factoring can be an important cash flow management tool and our program is non-notification so your customers are never advised of the facility.

In the same way that it is usually not smart to lay out cash to buy equipment, it often doesn't make sense to carry accounts receivable, especially for slow-paying customers that may not pay for 60 to 90 days or more.

By factoring your AR, you can accelerate cash flow in order to take on even more business. Large companies benefit from this tool, but it has typically been unavailable to smaller companies making it hard for them to stay competitive.

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